Article Marketing Success – How to Succeed Without Too Much Struggle

Many people will be surprised to read this. Article marketing requires that you have a large number of articles out there in order to be successful. By a large number, I mean the total unique articles, not just the same article submitted multiple times to different directories. Why is it so and how can you still succeed without too much struggle?

When I read in forums or other places where online marketers and business owners hang out, people always complain about how competitive article marketing is now. They tried article marketing with little to no result at all. They quited thinking that the strategy isn’t going to work nowadays.

That was the wrong mentality to install on people’s mind. For some reasons, people expect something to work in short period of time online. The fact is, online, a business is still a business and you still have to work on the strategy diligently to get results.

Getting one article out is an accomplishment. Sure, people who think they can’t write will sense a kind of accomplishment when they finish their first article. Soon, the dust settles and they have to struggle to get it to the next level.

Five articles are the next thing to achieve. At this stage, people still have to struggle to get articles done. At this point, without much results, if any at all, it can be very discouraging.

This is like working for nothing, but knowing that you are working on the foundation of the grander thing can be a good motivation. You need to schedule article writing as part of your routine. Soon enough, you will be accustomed to it and things go from there.

Chris Knight, the owner of, said that every article marketer should aim at 250 articles. I suggest that you do that in one or two years. After that, you can see steady traffic from article marketing.

At that point, you still have to get it going to get growing traffic. It is a task worth doing though because article marketing can be rewarding long after you wrote the articles.

So, the secret is to get it going and reach for the goal gradually. Learn how to do things right to maximize results, and do it.

Testing and Measuring Your Online Marketing Campaign For Business Success

One of the ways to have a growing online business is to constantly testing and measuring your online marketing campaigns. Visitors will drop by your web site everyday and it is important for you to know how they found your page. This is important because you want to know which of your traffic generation campaign is bringing in the results. Why is it so important? This article will provide some information on the science behind testing and measuring traffic generation campaign.

It is a fact that you cannot manage what you cannot measure. By measuring your traffic, you will very quickly find out which marketing strategy works, what pays for itself and what is just an expense to your business. Your next logical action is either change you campaigns that are an expense or stop running them all together.

For exceptional growth of your internet business, you have to refocus every dollar you invest to bring in traffic to your web sites. You may be using Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising, article marketing, blogging, forum posting, ezine advertisement etc. When you have located which is the effective traffic generator, then every dollar you spend on marketing will make you dollar after dollar.

However, despite this logic, it is amazing how many web business owners still blindly spend their time and marketing budget without measuring the results. What is the benefit of have a $500 PPC campaign on the search engine if you are only getting $100 worth of sales to your business. If your were to continue with the same campaign, you will very soon run out of capital and quit your business. Most new internet business owners quit because they are spending more on traffic generation then what they get back in commission.

To have a successful online business does not have to be a difficult endeavor. A smart person will learn from people who have done it. What is needed is your willingness to learn and the dedication to make your internet business a success.